Sunday, June 2, 2013

LDN: It's all in the details

Deanne... takes photographs...

Some of the best details in London...

Stalls at Covent Garden

A statement door of one of the shops at Columbia Road 

The glory that is Harrods

An abundance of pastries in Portobello Road 

Pink and purple at Notting Hill 

London's beauty on a sunny day 

Vintage signage at the Portobello market 

The exquisite cafe at the V&A

Oh, the places you will go! :)


LDN: Project Pride

Deanne writes...

For our second project at the college, we were asked to produce content for our chosen magazine. My group and I chose Vogue UK. One of the pages we produced was my feature on J. Crew as it's opening its first international store on Regent Street this November.

I really enjoyed writing this article even though inspiration only struck the weekend before it was due! This was how the the page turned out. Excuse me if it seems like I'm blowing my own horn but I'm super proud of it! If you want to read the article - and please do - click below.