Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The New Classic

I went to a private all-girls school up until high school so I had to wear a uniform for almost half my life. Once I got to college, I was pretty much like a kid being released in a toy store. Does that make sense? For the first time in a long time, I got to wear what I wanted to school. Granted there were certain areas in my school wherein I had to follow a dress code but still. I had more choices now than a plaid skirt and white blouse. However, after a month, the novelty wore off. I started wishing I had a uniform again. I was running out of ideas on what to wear so I always just ended up wearing something black and it only got worse when I moved to New York.

New Yorkers wear tons off black not because we are lazy. It’s because we really have no time to worry about what we are supposed to wear everyday. Life in New York is hectic and fast paced enough. We do not have enough time to stop and worry about what to wear so we grab something that is as effortless as a black dress no matter what the weather and occasion is.

Even when I travel outside the city, I tend to unknowingly gravitate towards anything black. In my last two posts I was wearing something black and now, even though it was an extremely hot day, I decided to wear a black dress. Probably not the best choice I admit but I’m a creature of habit and it’s hard to break this particular habit.

Outfit Details: Black Dress - H&M, Demin Vest - Thrifted, Chuck Taylors Shoes

Accessories Details: Black Backpack - random store in Taipei, Sunnies - Sunnies


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