Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Wanna Be Yours

When all your friends are busy working, it is hard to find the time to meet and catch up. Even though you all work in the same city, you all get out at different times and go home in different places. Days can become weeks and weeks can become months since the last time you have all seen each other. So when you do find a common day and time wherein you are all free, it is a celebration that hopefully will go without a hitch.

It was an extremely warm day in the city in the day we decided to meet. It felt like the temperature was in the 90s even though they said it was only going to be in the 80s. Walking around was a struggle if you did not dress and drink right. As soon as I got out of the train station, I regretted not bringing a bottle of water with me. It was pure sunshine outside without a single breeze to be felt. Fortunately,  I was able to pass by a cafe and bought myself an iced coffee and all was right again especially when we went to the Bowery Mural after brunch.

Outfit Details: Floral Shorts - Brandy & Melville, Black Crop Top - TopShop, Black Kimono - H&M

Accessories Details: Oak Alexa Bag - Mulberry, Oak Sandals - J.Crew, Sunnies - Hugo Boss
I've had these floral shorts for a really long time now and I'm so sad that the garter is starting to loosen up. They're my favorite pair and I have worn them with everything and brought them everywhere. The same goes for my Alexa bag. I remember I begged my mother if I can get the bag when they first came out and I am so glad I got them then because its price today is almost double of what I paid. Even though it looks a bit worn out now ( because I use it all the time every summer), I still consider it one of my favorites and I will never give it away....sorry, sister. 

Arm Party-goers: Watch - Tag Heuer,  Everyone Else - Henri Bendel

Currently watching the Tony's and I really want to watch Book of Mormon, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder,  Aladdin, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch more than ever now.

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