Sunday, June 1, 2014

O/Fly On - Chicago, Day Two

My mother once told me that my lucky element is water. Water brings me good luck and somehow, I just always end up living by the water. My first apartment in New York was by the Hudson and now my second apartment is by the East. Whenever I'm by the water, I just always feel happy so it is no surprise that my favorite day in Chicago involved going to the beach.

One of the best beaches in Chicago is the Oak Street Beach. It's right at the beginning of the North Side and is also steps away from the Magnificent Mile making it perfect if you forgot to bring a pair of bathing suit or sunglasses. As soon as we get there, I was giddy with joy. I just love the beach. I may not like swimming in it but I love everything else about it. The sun was shinning so bright but not too bright that it became too hot. In other words, it was perfect and it seemed like we were not the only ones who thought so because the beach became packed a few minutes after we got there. 

Outfit Details: Bikini Top - Aerie, Bikini Bottom - PacSun, Wayfarers - RayBan
After two hours of laying under the sun, you can pretty much guess I got toasted. In just two hours at the beach, I got darker than when I was in the beach in San Diego last March for three days. I'm not complaining though. Toasted and tan is exactly what I was going for. I could have spent the whole day just laying under the sun but like I said...I was going for toasted and not roasted. After the beach, my friend and I decided to have a Chicago staple - deep-dish pizza and I was glad we decided to eat this after the beach because I would not feel comfortable tanning after eating such a hearty meal.

Outfit Details: White Dress - Forever 21, Tan Sweater - Forever 21, Black Sandals - American Eagle Outfitters

Accessories Details: Gold Grandfather Watch - Michael Kors, Gold Bracelet - J. Crew
When the other day we went to the usual tourist spots, this time around we went to somewhere off the beaten path a.k.a Williamsburg of Chicago a.k.a Hispterville a.k.a. Lincoln Park/Wicker Park. As soon as you get there, you will see boutiques after boutiques of interesting clothes and records as well as all types of cafes and restaurants. Too bad we were still full from our lunch because I really wanted to try all the foods they had to offer.

P.S. Have you guys listened to Coldplay's new album? It's so beautiful both lyrically and musically. Here's my favorite song in the whole album. It tugs something in my heart that I almost forgot about. 

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