Friday, November 4, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: SLIM'S AT 50

Last Saturday night, I went to my second show for Philippine Fashion Week: SLIM'S at 50. This show paid tribute to the alumni of Slim's Fashion and Art School. The roster of designers was as follows: Cesar Gaupo, Chito Vijandre, Erika Adona, Ezra Santos, James Reyes, Joe Salazar, Joey Samson, Martin Bautista, Michael Cinco, and Riza Bulawan. All the collections honestly blew my mind and surprised me in a great way. I never knew that Filipino designers were this talented.

The line for this show was unbelievably long so my sister and I ended up standing. Thank God we had a great view - right in front of where the models stand and pose.

Loved the sequined bodice of this gown!

His collection was very theatrically Filipino.

His collection was dramatic, edgy, and glamorous all at the same time!
 I especially loved the white gown.

Amazing headpieces for an all black collection.

This collection made motorcycles girly - an unexpected combination, huh?

The designers took a final bow. Kudos to all of you!

I must say Filipino designers are starting to do really well in the industry. Their collections are becoming more sophisticated and creative. Some of the collections last night reminded me of pieces from Alexander Wang (such as the strong-shouldered dresses), Jason Wu (what with the laced face masks), and Miu Miu (they had a hot wheels theme, didn't they?). I'm not sure I can pick a favorite because many of the collections - if not all - deserved a standing ovation. But Michael Cinco's energy and confidence - he strutted like he was a model - stood out for me!

I watched with my sister and her friends. I wore a dress from Forever 21 and accessorized with a necklace from H&M and a clutch from Zara.

To top it all off, I had my picture taken with Bryan Boy and saw The Bag Hag with her sparkly Miu Miu shoes. Damn, I forgot to take a picture of those. 

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