Monday, July 22, 2013

When You're in London...

Join the British hoi polloi in whatever is grabbing the headlines for the moment. 

In my case, it was nothing less than the much anticipated labor pangs of Kate Middleton. As soon as I heard the news that she was finally brought to the hospital, I altered my plans for the day and hopped on a train to Paddington. St. Mary's Hospital was the place to be.

There were reporters, tourists and locals in every corner... all eyes towards the Lido Wing. News reports say that she's overdue so impatience was beginning to creep in. The soaring temperature didn't make the wait any easier. But you know, the royals are practically like celebrities in this country so any update about them is significant. People are going all out - decorating the walls of the hospitals, dressing in British garb, and even camping out. All I can say is... this baby better be adorable. And he/she better come out soon because if not, by the time he/she comes out, it'll be old news. 
(UPDATE: It's a boy! I wanted it to be a girl...)

Trivia: He's been waiting outside for 12 days... I couldn't even stay an hour!

Have a bite of New York with Shake Shack. 

I know, kind of ironic but hey, at least you'll be having a transatlantic experience. Go for the Shack Stack. It's a cheeseburger and 'shroom burger (a croquette of portobello mushroom and cheese) in one. Sounds deadly? It is. 770 calories to be exact. But really, who cares? If a single bite can give you a juicy patty, cheese, and mushroom, take it!

And finally, enjoy Covent Garden no matter how many times you've been there.

It's the atmosphere... the energy... the shops... the food... the crazy performers... the tourists. It sounds like a bit too much but only London can make a scene like this feel rather quaint. Because of that, it'll always pull you back in.

Deanne xx

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