Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Is Life In Color, Today Feels Like No Other

As I mentioned in my previous post, even though my day over in Brooklyn was quite eventful already, the day wasn’t even over yet. After Brooklyn, my friend and I had to go back to Manhattan to catch the One Republic concert. We wanted to get there earlier but there was a problem with the MTA as usual. Fortunately the delays were not super long and we were able to get there in time to have a decent spot in the crowd. We were literally just a few rows from the front and I was glad we were able to be so close because being able to experience One Republic that close was simply electrifying. There is just no other word to describe it. I’ve watched plenty of concerts this year alone and this concert without a doubt makes it in my top 4 concerts. It was everything I ever expected and wanted a concert to be. Ryan Tedder’s energy reminded me of Chris Martin’s energy when I watched Coldplay perform last December. Ryan Tedder used the entire stage, jumped around, and really connected with the crowd. I was in awe.

They opened their set with a song called Light It Up from their new album Native and even from behind the white curtain, I felt all their energy especially Ryan Tedder’s. I know I seem to just focus on him but I can’t help it! Seriously. Since when did he get so...unf?? There were a few moments in the concert wherein my friend and I thought he was Ryan Gosling. With his rolled up skinny jeans, grey V-neck shirt, and leather jacket...he looked like the epitome of a rock star, which he is. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. Wherever he went on stage, my eyes (and my camera) would follow him. I didn’t want to ignore the other members because they are equally as talented but my goodness did Ryan Tedder steal the show that night especially when he climbed the side of the stage. I nearly lost it. And when he sang the infamous Apologize with just him playing the piano...I felt a chill in the heart and bones. No matter how many times I hear that song, I always get chills but hearing him sing it live, I almost got a fever from it. It was so beautifully haunting and with the freedom tower in the foreground, it became more haunting for me at least.

I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense anymore. I’m still having a fan-girl moment. Watching One Republic by the Hudson River with the skyline of New Jersey in the front and the skyline of Manhattan in the back was truly spectacular. And when they closed the show with Life in Color, I knew that in that moment I fell in love with the city of New York once more. It was the perfect setting and the perfect way to end the night. My mission that day was to rekindle the fire and bring back the feeling that I had when I first moved here. While I have to admit, I do not think that feeling would ever be back; the fire is definitely burning a fire red and no longer blue. So thank you New York and thank you One Republic especially Ryan Gos...oops...Tedder for making me fall. New York, I love you and I always will.

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