Friday, May 30, 2014

I Got U - Chicago, Day One

In my last post, I mentioned how summer is just around the corner. I did not realize that the week after that was already Memorial Day weekend meaning summer was literally around the corner. For those who may not know, Memorial Day weekend in the US marks the official start of summer. To celebrate this, my friend and I had planned to go to Chicago and despite the rocky start (our flight was delayed by 2 hours and we had a problem with our housing situation), the weekend turned out really great - wonderful in fact.

On our first day in Chicago, my friend really wanted to do all the touristy stuff from visiting the Bean to walking along the Magnificent Mile. It was such a beautiful day that we did not really mind walking. Besides, I bought really comfortable shoes for this trip.

Accessories Details: Lavender Oxfords - Cole Haan, Gold Grandfather Watch - Michael Kors, Gold Bracelet - J. Crew

These shoes are from Cole Haan and it felt like I was walking on clouds. They were so light and comfortable making them perfect for traveling.

Outfit Details: High Waist Culotte Shorts - Zara, Sleeveless Button Down - H&M, Mustard Anorak - Jack Wills

This was not my first time in Chicago but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. Because it was my friend's first time, it felt like it was my first time too. We both tried WoNuts (waffle plus donut) for the first time and even went on an architectural boat cruise around Chicago River. When I first went to Chicago, I went with my mum and sister and we only took a tour bus and not a boat. Riding a boat around the Chicago River brought me back to when I also took a boat around the River Thames in London. Both equally gratifying.

P.S. Such a feel good song for the summer. I Got U by Duke Dumont.

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