Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LDN: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Deanne writes...

It's really funny how I fawn over journalists. When I found out that Charlotte Sinclair was coming to speak at our college, my heart skipped a beat. Or two. My affinity towards her began when I looked to her works for inspiration. Sometimes, I get stuck in a rut. Writing is such an excruciating process, especially at the beginning when you're trying to find the words for the most perfect first sentence that will grab your reader. Reading Charlotte's pieces often leads me to my aha! moments because they're so conversational, witty, and fluid... just the way I hope my own pieces turn out. 

I prepared well for her talk: sat on the front row, took out my pen and notebook. It was when she was telling us her story, her writer struggles, and her process that I realized how much we have in common in terms of writing.

"I love to research and interview!" Umm, me, too!

"Every journalist approaches an article with pain." Exactly how I feel when I see a blank Word document in front of me. 

"But once you have the first paragraph, you can relax!" Is she stalking me or something? Whenever I have the first paragraph down, I celebrate. I get some chocolate. 

Throughout that hour with her, I was smiling inside. I was so glad that there was someone who could verbalize the daily struggles and triumphs of a writer. It reminded me of the quote by Michael Kenin: I don't like to write but I love to have written. SO SPOT ON. 

I couldn't contain myself so when it was over, I went up to her and had a little chat. And then I asked if I could have my photo taken with her. She replied: "Of course! In our matching coats!" Hahahaha... hopefully we have matching destinies, too. 


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