Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LDN: Score!

Deanne writes...

I'm so glad I chose to live in Notting Hill. Although it's labeled as a spot for overenthusiastic tourists, Portobello Market is my oyster on Saturday mornings. I find something new every single time I go there. Last Saturday, I found a stall that was selling prints by Stanley Chow, an illustrator for publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian. Most of them were celebrity profiles. I was so drawn to the prints because of the way they were done... very minimalistic. And I like how he can capture the persona of the celebrity so simply. No frou frou needed. 

My favorite one was his take on Audrey Hepburn. The vendor had an inkling I wanted to buy it but I told her I would think about it first. So I walked through the entire market before making a decision.

At the end, right before closing time, I found myself handing over a few pounds in exchange for this. Now it sits on the ledge of my window, framed in beautiful white. No regrets! 


Check out his illustrations: photo from Stanley Chow 

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