Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Sweet Escape

One of my best friends, Manica Tiglao, left for New Zealand today to have her adventure. Since we practically can't live apart anymore, we decided to spend a few days with just each other. We've been dying to go to Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay for a long time already so we decided to escape the craziness of Manila and treat ourselves to a deliciously refreshing lunch.

Lunch started with freshly baked whole wheat sesame bread and the accompanying dips of basil pesto, white cheese, anchovies, and mushroom pate. While they were all flavorful, my favorite one would be the basil pesto because it just goes perfectly with the warm bread. Once I had my first bite, I couldn't stop myself from going "Mmmm!" It was the best way to start the meal.

The salad was quite interesting, too, because within the greens, Manica and I spotted petals of red roses! I never imagined eating those! It was especially delicious because of the toppings that included mango, egg, pineapple cucumber, and - the best one - nuts. The crunchiness of the nuts complemented the greens as they were drizzled in Sonya's Secret Dressing!

After that, we had pasta. Two kinds of sauces were available: sun dried tomato and chicken cream. I preferred the sun dried tomato because it wasn't heavy and it was more exciting. Toppings included fried salmon belly, mushrooms, capers, and black olives. Before this, I wasn't into the last two toppings but when I paired them with the sun dried tomato sauce, it was just an explosion of taste. Now, I will always look forward to capers and black olives! The drink, freshly squeezed dalandan juice, kept our palettes fresh and clean. 

Dessert came. Our favorite part of every meal. We had the homemade chocolate cake which had just the right amount of sweetness and sin! It was delectable especially after drinking the tarragon tea. Dessert also included sweet potato and banana rolls. 

After that heartily healthy meal, we walked around the place to take in the fresh air and the beautiful greenery. Every inch of the place was breathtaking in a simple way. I remember telling Manica that when I have my own house, I would love to have a garden like this. Excuse us for we took a lot of pictures.

The interiors and landscape of the place are also very quaint and charming. The chandeliers in the restaurant gave the rustic vibe of a bygone era and the signs posted around the gardens were homey.

As for our outfits, Manica and I went for a minimalist look. We were both in dresses and flats and we accessorized with a statement bag. Manica's dress is from Forever21 and her bag is Prada. My dress is from Topshop and my bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love how she and I can wear the same things but still exude totally different styles. 

That day was great. Manica, you're on the plane right now and I hate you for leaving me (hahaha). But I love you so I'll also say this: I'll miss you tons but go have your adventure! <3

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