Saturday, October 29, 2011


Bryan Boy is one of the world's most famous fashion bloggers. Besides his fierceness and entertaining humor, the best thing about him is that he is Filipino. It just goes to show that you can make it in the fashion world no matter where you are from.

Picture from Bryan Boy

The fashion gods have given the Stylish Fascinators an awesome opportunity to meet him THIS YEAR!!!

Katrine met him at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot during New York Fashion Week last September.

While Deanne met him during Fashion Week in Manila this October.

Meeting Bryan Boy AND having a picture with him was a dream come true because he's such a big figure in the fashion universe.We're so amazed at how the same things can happen to us even though we're miles apart. Perhaps the fashion gods have something in store for us? Well if you're listening to us, we'd be willing to do anything for you!!!

<3, D and K

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