Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauty Editor for a Day

One of the most charming and interesting fashion personalities, in my opinion, is Eva Chen - the beauty editor of Teen Vogue. Her tweets are witty and her Tumblr posts make me so envious of her job. She gets free makeup from the top companies like MAC, Chanel, or Dior. Her story is quite amazing, too - she was working on her premed degree when she realized that she wanted to be in fashion after she took on a magazine internship. A story that sounds quite familiar to me.

Following her on all her social networks - and seeing her in person! - made me appreciate makeup. Before I thought only clothes were interesting but after seeing her posts, I've come to realize that makeup is a science and an art form as well. This led me to other beauty blogs such as Into the Gloss and The Beauty Department. Coincidentally, I now also write for CollegeFashionista UK as their beauty columnist. Alas, all this beauty talk made me want to keep my own makeup collection as well.

Every day, I follow a personal makeup routine - a routine which now causes me to stay in the bathroom for more than 30 minutes! Laborious but hey, it's a ton of fun! This is what I do:
Step 1: MAC's studio finish concealer. Perfect for blemishes!

Step 2: MAC's moisture cover for those dark circles
Step 3: Maybelline's shine free face powder to control oil and to give the skin a silky smooth texture

Step 4: MAC's powder blush in Margin Frost shade for a bronze look

Step 5: Chanel's quadra eye shadow and an eye lash curler

Step 6: Lips time! Caudalie's lip conditioner, Chanel's Rouge Coco lipstick, MAC's sweetie lipstick, and Chanel's lip gloss - not all at the same time, of course.

FINALLY: Marc Jacobs perfume for that signature, ladylike fragrance!

Playing with makeup is a ton of fun because you get to experiment with different shades, colors, and products! But it's definitely not easy being a makeup artist. Like I said, it's actually a science - which is exactly why I want to go to makeup school. There's so much you can do!


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