Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Brainchild

Stylish Fascinators is a brainchild of Katrine Alcantara and Deanne Banares.

This is where the fashion action happens: Bryant Park

FASCINATORS is defined as: one who fascinates. We are fascinated by the world and all the beauty that is concretized in every form - fashion, style, art, culture, food, and design. And as much as we are fascinated, we also hope to fascinate others with who we are and what we can offer on an entirely STYLISH level.

This blog is an extension of our thoughts - our thoughts on fashion, beauty, food, and travel. We hope to share with others what we experience.

But this blog also serves as a linkage between two different cities - New York and Manila. Two very contrasting but also very similar worlds where one can find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

At the Teen Vogue Fashion University opening held in Juicy Couture , Madison Ave, NYC

We hope to show that even if we come from different time zones, we can still connect and share with each other and the rest of the world what pulsates our hearts.

We are the fascinators of the world and we do it with style.

This is where the dream lies - Conde Nast!

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