Saturday, September 24, 2011


I love travelling and one of my dream destinations is Paris. I know some people say it’s cliché and I totally get them for I was once one of them. It wasn’t until I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University last year when I started fantasizing about Paris once again. I kept hearing from Vera Wang and Jason Wu themselves about how Paris inspired them and it made me want what they had. I want to be inspired by it all. Unfortunately, I have never been to Paris and I don’t think I will be going anytime soon so when I heard that Ladureé opened up their first store outside of Paris in New York, I just knew I had to check it out myself.

Ladureé is considered to be where the famous macaroon came from almost 60 years ago. The very first Ladureé store opened near the Place de la Concorde in 1862 and the rest as they say is history. Ever since the Holder Group took charge of the institution, they have transformed Ladureé into an even greater phenomenon with the goal of introducing the Ladureé name to the rest of the world’s main capital and what better place to establish their first US store than in New York.

Located at the posh Upper East Side, the store looks exactly what you expect it to be and more- whimsical and chic. Everything in the store is shipped from Paris, which explains the FedEx truck parked outside the store. They don’t make the macaroons here. Nope. They are shipped by boat overnight from Paris to be sold the same day it arrives so you can guarantee that they are as fresh as they can be considering they come all the way from Paris.

The line extended towards the next store and I had to wait in line for more than 30 minutes but it was worth the wait. The macaroons weren’t too sweet nor were they too soft. They were just right and each bite was just pure heaven. Not to be outdone by the macaroons, the other jams and chocolates they were selling were also worth a try. If that still doesn't entice you in trying it, just look at the packaging. If you get 6 macaroons, you can get them in this box that is absolutely adorable. It's so chic. So French. So...stylish. Oh, is there anything these French can't do?

From macaroons, candies to even candles, Ladureé is definitely a place worth stopping by. Not only will you be transported to Paris but you will also get to enjoy all the delectable things they have to offer. They are located along Madison Avenue between 71st and 72nd street and each macaroon is worth $2.70. I know it seems pricey but it's way cheaper than a plane ticket straight to Charles de Gaulle.


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