Friday, September 23, 2011

Stylish Fascinator: Deanne

I wrote this once: I love fashion so much that I study it. I take it all in and saturate its essence. I break it down like a science and then build it up again to justify its beauty.

Fashion, by the untrained eye, is usually measured by labels, magazines, and clothes. Throughout the years though I have gained enough experience for me to realize that it is an art form. Being a designer, editor, or stylist is no joke; it's not something that one can easily do in spite of what the media portrays them to be - attention-seeking, money-chasing, superficial individuals.

Are they really though? Only the truly knowledgeable in fashion know that they are not.

Because these people are not in love with fashion. They are in love with style. Just like I am.

Carol Edgarian wrote an article for W Magazine in which she said, "Style is a manner of doing something, of living." Ever since I fell in love with the industry, I have always made sure that I resonate style more than I do resonate fashion. And let me tell you this: it is one of the things  that I enjoy doing most in life. The simple pleasure of getting up in the morning and deciding how I am going to translate who I am excites me.

This isn't going to be just another fashion blog. This is an extension - a stylish extension - of who we are.

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